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Oct 01
WFH Series - Your Digital Space

Do you have access to all of the digital information you need to complete your work at home?

Is your team communication suffering since transitioning to remote work?

Are you drowning in emails?

Work From Home Series

We will be focusing on another critical aspect of your efficiency and productivity - setting up, decluttering and organizing your digital space.

Working in a cluttered physical environment is not conducive to you having a clear and focused mind and the same applies to your digital space.

When your digital space isn't under control this leads to confusion, missed requests and deadlines. A disorganized and chaotic digital space means you are not working at your full potential.

You waste time looking for what you need. You become unfocused and unable to process all of the information sitting in your email inbox, cloud folders and reference files. 

Now you have a big mess.

Cleaning and maintaining organization in your digital space is important for you to get more productive in your work. 

Do it today!

Organizing & Productivity Solutions: Your Digital Space

Digital Access to Information

Ensure you have all of the proper digital tools, software and hardware you need to complete your work at home such as computer, programs, apps, VPN (if required), remote server access, electronic chargers and so on.

Set yourself up with all of the technology you need to attend virtual meetings/training sessions, etc. from home.

Use cloud-based file sharing such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Trello.

Having the digital equipment you need will ensure you have access to all of the information required to complete your work without missing critical information or suffer delays.


Working from home means that the more effortless opportunities to communicate such as impromptu meetings, casual water cooler conversations or quick updates are greatly reduced.

This calls for an intentional increase in communication with team members, your boss and direct reports.

Whether your company uses video conferencing apps like Zoom or project management tools like Trello, fully embrace this technology to stay connected and have your voice heard albeit from afar. Use these tools for meetings, collaboration and to keep socially connected with your team.

Establish how you will stay connected with your boss/team/subordinates in advance. Determine what makes the most sense for your work and the communication levels required to keep your company goals, projects and bottom line in mind.

Video Conferencing Set Up Tips

We have all been on more zoom calls these days than ever before.

There are a number of things you need to set up to make a good impression or provide a great experience while either attending or hosting a virtual meeting.  

Lighting for video calls is not to be understated. Poor lighting is distracting and takes away from the conversation. Don’t have your back to a window as you can’t see your face in the dark. Use natural light, unless it's too strong, then close the blinds and use a table lamp or a ring light in front of you.  

Move close to your Wi-Fi router to improve your connection speed.

Consider limiting kids gaming and streaming to keep a more stable connection while you are on Skype, FaceTime, Slack, Zoom or Google Hangouts.

Keep background noise to a minimum and prevent the kids or dog from interrupting video calls and meetings as much as possible. You may not hear the dishwasher running or traffic from an open window in the background but your computer microphone does.

You don’t necessarily have to dress formal but keep it professional, wear a little make up, brush your hair and avoid wearing busy patterns.

Remove Unnecessary Files, Photos, Programs & Apps on Devices

Keep your devices clean with only the files, apps and programs on that you actually need and use.

Delete photos you have saved in the cloud or already shared on your social media feeds. Delete all of those apps that you never use. You really don’t need all of this clutter.

If you feel compelled to archive old project files or photos from when your kids were little, download them on a USB stick and keep one copy in a fire and waterproof safe in your home and keep one copy with a trusted family member or friend for safekeeping.

This keeps your digital devices fast and working well as they don’t like clutter either.

Email Management

The amount of emails sent in a day around the globe is staggering and I'm sure you get and send your fair share.

Drowning in email communications is common and it can be extremely debilitating.

Stress about what you didn’t get to or the fires you don't know about that are buried in your email inbox keeps you up at night.

Chronic worry about not getting back to your boss or missing a critical deadline is a constant dark cloud over your head.

Your digital world is completely out of control and it doesn’t feel good.

Follow These Simple Steps to Control Your Email Overload

STEP 1: Mass Delete & File
STEP 2: Process Remaining Emails One by One
STEP 3: Set Up Processing Folders
STEP 4: Set Up Reference Folders
STEP 5: Only Process Emails 1-3x a Day

Maintain the order! Schedule in your calendar only 1-3 times a day to process your emails to keep your inbox at zero.

Resist the urge to check your emails at any other time unless you are expecting an urgent message. You generally only do this to procrastinate on work, when your brains has decision fatigue or to look busy. 

Commitment Management

Structure your work from home day like you would a regular in the office day.

When working from home, you are your own personal commitment manager so it is up to you to schedule your calendar to what suits your workload and family commitments.

A solid calendar showing all of your work and personal commitments helps you avoid over-scheduling and double booking.

Schedule and attend virtual meetings only if absolutely necessary. Use your goals to be clear around what's important to you and as a filter for what you say yes to and what you say no to.

You are seriously still a good person with a kind heart even if you (nicely) say no.

Fixed Calendar

Move to a fixed calendar as this is a real game changer.

Block your calendar for your various projects or tasks when you know your brainpower is at its peak and when it's not.

Try scheduling your calendar using themes such as "Marketing Mondays" or "Catch-All Fridays".

Remember that we are not able to work more than 20-30 minutes at a time on one project so set time limits on longer projects, take breaks and switch projects/tasks during the day to keep your mind activated.

Schedule in recurring tasks, reminders and breaks. Without breaks or a short 10 minutes to put a load of laundry in to break up your day, you can be quick to lose focus or burn out.

Plan uninterrupted periods to reflect and be creative. Make yourself a priority by scheduling in your workouts, downtime, family and fun time. This is your life and calendar after all.

Don't forget to leave white space in your calendar for the unexpected, travel to and from appointments/commitments and time to go dark and take a break.

Down time is critical to reduce stress and increase your productivity levels. It also helps to make sure you feel confident when shutting down at the end of your work from home day.

Stay Connected

Working from home can be isolating so it is important to keep ties with people both at work and socially.

Keep connected socially either in person or virtually.

Go for a walk. FaceTime a friend for a coffee date. Set up a Facebook group for your book club or women's group to regularly converse and stay connected.

Work from Home "Homework"

  1. Delete all unnecessary files, programs, apps, and photos from all of your devices.
  2. Clean out your email inbox, set up folders.
  3. Clean up and set up your fixed calendar.

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