The Two Sides of Perfectionism

By Noreen Music | Book Writing

Oct 08
Two Sides of Perfectionism

The Two Sides of Perfectionism

Poisonous perfectionism derails your productivity and makes it very challenging to achieve your goals and realize your dream.

This is why it’s important to reprogram your unconscious negative thought patterns to a healthier and more balanced “perfectly imperfect” mindset which helps you accomplish more of the right things with ease.

Read on and enjoy the next excerpt of my book.

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"You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step." - Martin Luther King, Jr

Poisonous Perfectionism Versus Perfectly Imperfect

As an unexpected entrepreneur I struggle with the dark side of my imbalanced and unhealthy perfectionist habits every single day

Trust me friends....this is written from a place of hard-learned lessons.

I started my 30-year corporate career in commercial real estate knowing absolutely nothing about the industry or corporate practices. I didn’t even know how to turn on the shared computer (yes we shared one computer back then!).

My new boss was tough as nails and wouldn’t accept anything less than 150% effort and 100% perfection. There was no room for errors. I was expected to stay late or come in early to ensure whatever project I was working on was absolutely perfect.

Perfectionism Works...Until it Doesn't

At the time, I thought I was learning the right way to approach my work. I excelled, I grew, I learned, I was promoted and I accomplished many things which I’m very proud of.

My perfectionism was one of the greatest sources of my accomplishments but also of my anxiety and stress.

This perfectionism was repeatedly etched into my brain over the first 5 years of my career. As I rose up the ranks, my subconscious fear of making mistakes grew. The stakes were so much higher as my role and responsibilities expanded.

The perfectionist habits that got me to where I was in my career began to reveal a dark side, especially as an unexpected entrepreneur.

The late nights took a toll on my husband, my kids, and my physical and mental health. The impossibly high standards for my team made them feel like they could never measure up.

Good enough was never good enough so I dug in harder, longer, stronger. The stress was killing me and I never attained the perfect results I wanted.

My drive for absolute perfection never worked the way I thought it should.

Practice Being Perfectly Imperfect

My poisonous perfectionist habits were getting the best of me and taking my focus away from where it needed to be.

What I didn’t realize at the time is that there is a level of perfectionism that works but that my perfectionism was based on unrealistic expectations, fear of failure and disappointing others.

When I eventually realized the negative impacts of my unhealthy perfectionism, I knew I needed to delve deeper and regain a balanced sense of perfectionism, one that works and not undermines my progress and success.

I’m now a recovering perfectionist by practicing being perfectly imperfect.

Find your freedom.
Live your life.


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