Freedom Flyer Success Stories

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Success Stories From Freedom Flyers

Here is what some of our Freedom Flyers are saying about their experience with OMS and the positive impact that transforming and unlocking freedom in their spaces has created in their lives.

This can be you too! We encourage you to become a Freedom Flyer and share with us your success story to help inspire others.

Jessica's Story

Jessica is a very busy mom, wife and small business owner. She struggled with the piles of paper that came home with her kids from school. Home cooking is a must for her family so they have a big kitchen pantry and an even larger back stock pantry. Her kids outgrew many of their toys and they were ready to move onto the next phase. Here is what Jessica had to say after we freed up her living room from the piles of paper, decluttered her kids rooms and toy room and reorganized her pantry areas....

From our very first meeting, it’s been such a pleasure to work with Noreen at Organize my Space.  She’s warm, professional, supportive and encouraging.  Plus she has fantastic ideas for how to best sort and organize a space!  
Together, we were able to really clear things out and I can’t believe how much better the spaces function!


With a busy life of working, raising 2 kids, moving homes and many renovations, the home quickly reached a point where it was full, and difficult to deal with.  My husband and I had a hard time getting ahead and many areas of home felt overwhelming to even get started on.  It felt stressful being in the home, causing anxiety and a feeling that I could never relax at home, there was always something to do. Noreen was wonderful at helping us tackle many areas of the home, including the kids rooms, a very full toy room.


She has a really efficient system to get things moving and it makes it feel manageable. Together, we were able to really clear things out and I can’t believe how much better the spaces function!  It’s created a big momentum, I’ve been continuing to clear out corners and closets in my home using her strategies.  It feels very energizing and motivating and not so overwhelming now.
It’s really true that your outside world is reflective of your inside world.  As my home gets more clear, I feel like my stress and anxiety levels are going down.


Toy Room After
Living Room After
Pantry After

Laura's Story

Laura and her family were planning a total kitchen and main floor renovation. She knew she needed to declutter and sort all of these areas before the renovation started. As Laura was very motivated, it didn't take us long to organize her utility closet, kitchen cabinets, pantry and living/dining room cabinets. When the contractor showed up, they were ready to go! Once the renovation was complete, it was a breeze for Laura to put everything away as her things were already purged, sorted, containerized and labelled. Now that's how you do it!

With a full kitchen and main floor renovation looming, we knew we needed to clear out the clutter that had accumulated over 20 years. 


We knew we needed to make way for the vision we had of our home as a modern, decluttered and functional space. The task seemed monumental and I honestly had little idea where or how to even begin. With Noreen’s organizational expertise, we followed her simple step by step process and we transformed all of our spaces!


Now when I am home instead of feeling smothered by too much stuff and disorganization, I feel peace, joy and sense of freedom to be able to just live and really enjoy my life. Thank you so much Noreen!


Pantry After
Kitchen Storage After