Step-by-Step Closet Organizing

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Dec 03
Closet Organizing

An Organized Closet

A well organized closet is a dream.

It makes your morning routine so much easier. Your clothes stay in better shape because they're not all jammed in together. You wear more of what you own because you can actually see what you have.

Schedule time in your calendar to take a day and clean out your closet.

You will love it.

How to organize your closet step-by-step

  1. Pull everything out of your closet, dressers, armoires, wardrobes.
  2. Deep clean closet and inside of furniture/drawers.
  3. Sort all items by type.
  4. Keep only the clothes you love, actually wear, fit well and are in good repair.
  5. Declutter and organize your handbag/wallet collection.
  6. Anything you are not keeping goes into consign, donate, trash/recycle piles.
  7. Evaluate your closet storage organizing solutions – do you need a new closet system or just a few baskets, containers and hooks?
  8. Decide what to hang and what to fold. Dressier clothes want to be hung and casual clothes lend themselves more to being folded.
  9. Hang and arrange items (blouses, dresses, slacks, shirts, suits) from light to dark. Or put the color you wear the most at the front with the least worn color at the back. You can also hang clothes by type & within each type, organize by color.
  10. File fold casual clothes (t-shirts, shorts, sweaters, jeans, underthings, work out wear, etc.) and arrange from light to dark or most to least worn in your dresser drawers.
EXPERT TIP: Use slim, felted hangers to save a ton of space in your closet. Keep a set number of hangers to control volume.

Closet organizing tips

  • Put out of season items in storage. This helps not only with saving time and space but it’s also a great way to purge what you don’t wear. 
  • Out of season clothes can be stored in labelled bins under your bed or in a basement closet ready for the next season swap.
  • Use closet shelves for accessories such as handbags, hats, bags, belts, scarfs, nylons. Put each category in containers or shelf dividers that fit the space to keep everything neatly organized.
  • Use the vertical spaces above and below your closet rod.
  • Install hooks in hard to reach or unusable areas such as the wall behind the closet door for accessories (scarves, belts, hats, necklaces) that can be hung up.
  • Over the door organizers are also a great way to store off-season shoes or accessories.
  • If you have room, place a chest of drawers inside the closet.
  • Designate a spot where unwanted items can accumulate for donation when full.
  • Every time you put your laundry away, tidy and purge as you go to maintain your newly organized closet.

I hope you love your newly organized closet!

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