Productivity Mastery Key Four – Email Inbox Control

By Noreen Music | Productivity

Oct 18
Productivity Mastery - 5 Keys to Overcome Productivity Overwhelm

Are you done with feeling so overwhelmed with your out of control email inbox, and the stacks of cluttered papers and sticky notes all over your desk?

Do you end your day with more tasks on your to-do list but you worked yourself to the bone?

Have you ever wished you could start your day well prepared, clear-headed, energized, and excited to make it happen?

You know what? You CAN.

Here's the secret keys.

5 Keys to Overcome Productivity Overwhelm

By following the 5 key steps in our Productivity Mastery series, you WILL....

  • Create a vision for your life that you will be so excited for it will make you want to jump out of bed in the morning!
  • Know exactly what you are busy about....and get it done.
  • Take total control of the only thing we each have the exact same amount of every single day....time.
  • Get your email inbox to zero and keep it that way so your email isn't running you, you are running your email.
  • Unlock the secret potential of your future hidden in your daily habits.

Productivity Mastery Key Five - EMAIL CONTROL

Email Inbox Control - Clean Up
Mass Deleting & Filing

The fact is, at least 80% of your emails do not require any real significant action on your part so get comfortable using the delete button.

A word of caution ruthless but not reckless with deleting. DO NOT read each email in its entirety - at this stage you are focusing on weeding out all of the unnecessary noise and the emails you don't need to do anything with.

Sort & delete emails by FROM

Sort & delete emails by SUBJECT

Sort & file emails by DATE

Processing Emails One by One

Now that you have mass filed and deleted, you should only have about 20% of your email backlog left. This is where you sit down and process each email one by one. 

Email control
Email Inbox Control - Set Up
Set Up Processing Folders

Action Folder

Read Folder

Holding Folder

*Check out our blogs Productivity Mastery Key One - Prioritize and Productivity Mastery Key Two - Task Management.

Set Up Reference Folders

Set up reference folders into larger buckets with NO sub-folders (and definitely no sub-sub-folders).

A smaller number of folders ensures you make quicker decisions about where to file an email when you are processing your inbox plus it leaves fewer options and makes it easier to look for an email in the future.

Email set up
Email Inbox Control - Processing Emails
Process Emails 1-3x a Day

Your email inbox is where new emails land and are waiting for you to process them, that's it.

*Schedule in your calendar 1-3 times a day to keep your inbox at zero. Resist the urge to check your emails at any other time unless you are expecting an urgent message. We only do this to procrastinate on work, when our brains have decision fatigue or to look busy

Clear the handful of emails that have accumulated in your inbox since the last time you checked and you will always be at zero!

*Read our blog Productivity Mastery Key Three - Commitments to learn how to set up your calendar so you never miss a beat.

Either run the day or the day runs you.

Process emails

Productivity Mastery Key Five - ROUTINES

Read our next blog in our 5-part series Productivity Mastery Key Five - Routines as we discuss the final key to overcome your productivity overwhelm.

The secret of your future is hidden in your daily habits.

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