Organizing Obstacles

By Noreen Music | Organizing Tips

Jun 03
Organizing Obstacles

Organizing Obstacles

Do you ever wish you had an organizing fairy who could wave a magic wand and all of your clutter miraculously disappears? Oh yes, please.

Getting organized is simple but it's not always easy.

There are some common brick walls you might encounter when embarking on your decluttering journey. 

You may even be reading this Freedom Living blog because you are frustrated with an organizing obstacle right now!

Big Organizing Obstacles

Clutter Blind

It happens. The clutter in your home turns into wallpaper and over time you don't even notice it anymore.

Stuff has a way of creeping into your cupboards, your closet, or your garage, and then before you know it, your spaces look like a bomb went off!

Take a look around you. What do you see? Clutter and disarray? Or are things neat and tidy? Is it time to take off your blinders and be honest with yourself about how much stuff you have?

I understand. It's difficult to organize and overcome clutter especially when it's an obstacle you can't see.

The good news with a blind spot is, once you are aware of it, you can choose to change it!


Knowing where to start when you are frustrated and overwhelmed with your clutter is a challenge.

You have a burst of energy to tackle your clutter mountain and then you fizzle out partway through.  And it's hard to get back at it.

This is where a professional organizer comes in. We know where to start. We climb the clutter mountain with you. We don't give up. We make sure you reach your goals and vision for your spaces.

We cheer you on when you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or discouraged.

It's perfectly okay to ask for help to conquer the organizing obstacle of overwhelm. Helping you is why I do what I do.

Emotional Attachment

Letting go is hard. It's normal to feel emotionally attached to a possession, especially when it evokes a fond memory or it reminds you of someone. 

That special item, that thing you love and brings you joy, you should keep.

The emotional attachment organizing obstacle comes into play when you refuse to let something go that has no special meaning or value, you don't need it and you never use it.

During the decluttering process, emotions will come up. You might feel excitement, fear, guilt, relief....these feelings are normal. 

What is key is to acknowledge and allow yourself to feel whatever emotion happens to surface while you are decluttering. This is an important and healthy part of the letting go process.

If you are willing to be uncomfortable yet keep making decisions about what you want to keep and what you want to edit, you will become comfortable with the practice of letting go. It does get easier the more decisions you make.

Only when you face this organizing obstacle head-on does the brick wall come crashing down revealing the bright, beautiful blue sky of freedom from your stuff.

Staying Organized

Okay, now that we've overcome a few big organizing obstacles, here's another doozy. 

You're not convinced you will actually stay organized.

I'm here to reassure you that, you will.

It does take work, time, and willingness. But if you can commit to a bit of effort every day to keep all of your hard work in order, you will maintain your clutter-free status.

Simply tweak your routines. Make your bed every morning. Shine your sink after dinner. Hang up your towel after you shower. Put a load of laundry in the washing machine every day. Tidy up the living room at the end of the night.

When you work with a professional organizer, we help you focus on how you can live in organized ways by sharing our expert organizing skills, processes, and routines so that you are able to organize yourself and stay organized over time.

Being an organized person can be learned, it is not a genetic characteristic.

By implementing a few simple routines into your day, this organizing obstacle will no longer be in your way and you will find the freedom to live your best life.

For good.

Organizing "Don'ts"

As you organize, you may encounter some of these common organizing "don'ts" while you are working at creating more freedom in your life.

These aren't huge organizing obstacles however, you should be aware of them so you know what not to do.

  • Don’t transfer clutter from one area or surface to another. Declutter.
  • Don’t keep doubles (or triples).
  • Don’t keep things where you don’t use them.
  • Don’t buy a ton of organizing containers or solutions right away. Use what you have on hand and only buy something if you really need it after purging & sorting.
  • Don’t “over” organize as this can lead to frustration and make it hard to keep up.
  • Don’t assume your family knows where things go – label everything.
  • Don’t fill every space with stuff. Keep some “white space” open.
  • Don’t assume your used stuff is worth a fortune – it might be, but likely not.
  • Don’t keep donate/sell/consign stuff in your home – remove it immediately after editing.
  • Don’t push your clutter onto friends or family.
  • Don’t just deal with surface clutter – deal with hidden clutter in cupboards & drawers too.
  • Don’t assume kids can’t help – teach them so they learn these solid life skills & habits.
  • Don’t keep something just because it was a gift.
  • Don’t keep all of your kid’s hand-me-down clothes and toys.
  • And the most important don't of all is.......
Don’t give up! Organizing is hard work but worth every ounce of effort to experience more time, freedom, and pride in your home! - Noreen

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