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Welcome to Organize My Space Calgary!

Hello! I'm Noreen Music, the founder and driving force behind Organize My Space Calgary. I'm a Trained Professional Organizer with the Professional Organizers in Canada and a Productivity Mastery Coach.

My passion is helping people find lasting freedom in their homes and businesses through my transformational organizing services and productivity strategies. 

My mission is to support people in removing any barriers or blocks to create a stress-free and calm state of flow in all parts of their lives. Out of this state comes abundance, time freedom, deep satisfaction, and greater success.

The practical and powerful skills I teach not only transforms my clients homes and work spaces but their emotional and mental spaces as well. The time and effort my clients spend organizing today gives them a lifetime of value they never regret tomorrow. 

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The Unexpected Entrepreneur: Now You're Here, Make a Difference While Making a Living

This book will give you the productivity skills and resources to help you make a difference while making a living. What if you could ditch your distractions and break free from overwhelm to create focus and achieve more than you ever thought possible? What would your life look like if you used doubt and fear as steppingstones to live with greater confidence? Perfectionism will no longer poison your mind or keep you from reaching your goals as you embrace the "perfectly imperfect" mindset.

When you've finished reading this book, you will have laid a strong foundation to transform your physical, digital, and mental spaces so that you can enjoy greater freedom and success in your entrepreneurial journey.

Speaking Engagements, Interviews and Training

Noreen has spoken on many virtual and live stages ranging from small groups to large events. She loves sharing her organizing and productivity skills to educate, inspire and support people to live in simpler and calmer ways. This is why she teaches and shares  her expertise with various groups, associations and businesses.

Noreen's Most Popular Talks & Training

5 Keys to Overcome Productivity Overwhelm

Research shows that almost 40% of professionals, small business owners, and entrepreneurs don't know the basic productivity skills to succeed. This has led many people into a chronic and constant state of overwhelm, frustration, and exhaustion. Noreen's signature talk offers powerful key action steps to overcome productivity overwhelm to produce lasting clarity, composure, and certainty.

How to Get (and Stay!) Organized At Home

Many homes are bulging with clutter and overrun with chaos as we hold onto things we don't need, use or love. Despite the popularity of various organizing books and television shows, living in organized ways does not always come naturally or easily. This is where, as a professional organizer, Noreen's talk breaks down the organizing steps and helps take your home from frustrated to functional.

The Art of Productivity Management

In this transformational 3-part training series, Noreen expertly guides learners to co-create open and positive pathways of communication, she shares her powerful time management techniques to transform how you approach your tasks, email and calendar management, and you will learn how to plan effectively so you accomplish more in a week than what you leave undone. At the end of the 3-part training, each participant is provided with a curated and private 1:1 coaching session with Noreen to ignite the action it takes to make true change in your work habits and practices.

Conscious Leadership

All great leaders are made and everyone has the potential to be a great leader. You just need to apply the right strategy to unlock the leader within you. Learn how to lead your team in a new way by using these impactful conscious leadership techniques. You will be taught skills to help you achieve common goals in ways that increase the natural and human wellbeing of your team. We also explore what success looks like through your leadership lens, how to better understand others, techniques to handle difficult situations and so much more!

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What People Are Saying

I took away many valuable tools to use in my business and life.

lyndsie barrie, author and founder of yycfempreneurs, cochrane, alberta

After seeing Noreen present at the YYCFempreneurs Conference and the Womanition Leadership Conference, I took away many valuable tools to use in my business and life. She is a fun and engaging speaker with tons of knowledge to share and a big heart for helping women entrepreneurs succeed!

I immediately felt that I was in the hands of a competent professional.

Jane Lennon, Life coach, cambridge, ontario

I recently attended a conference at which Noreen made a powerful presentation. I immediately felt that I was in the hands of a competent professional. Her introduction was pertinent, concise and to the point. She clearly outlined what to expect, how it would unfold and how it would conclude, so one was able to sit back with reassurance and enjoy the experience without the intrusion of distracting thoughts. I appreciated the clear format and delivery of her presentation. Her warm style quickly built rapport, leading to lively audience engagement and, ultimately, the delivery of the quality solutions the audience sought. Time spent with Noreen flies by because one is so engaged and focused on the experience. You are left caught in the dichotomy of being fully satisfied but still wanting more. Noreen has a reputation for delighting her audience and customers.

Noreen lights up stages both in-person and virtually. 

felicia yap, founder and owner of reel awesome productions, calgary, alberta

Noreen lights up stages both in-person and virtually. When you watch her, you immediately know that she's a seasoned pro. I've had the pleasure of watching Noreen as a speaker several times, and I'm always impressed with the way she articulates her message and engages and entertains the audience. She did an excellent job delivering a productivity talk at a women's convention that I attended. I would highly recommend Noreen for speaking engagements!

She is the ultimate cheerleader and wants all of us to succeed. 

elaine lin, owner of organized soul, toronto, ontario

What makes Noreen so special is her warm and inviting energy. Seeing her presence alone makes me feel comforted. She is the ultimate cheerleader and wants all of us to succeed. I recently attended her Goal-Setting to Goal-Getting workshop as well as her Mission Possible: Banish Email Clutter workshops and both were very informative and helped me to connect with others who share similar struggles. Not only is Noreen passionate about what she does but she also provides much needed structure and simple tips and tricks for us to implement right away. I am so grateful to have met such a wonderful and generous soul like Noreen.

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