How to Re-Design Your Home on a Limited Budget

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Apr 26
How to Re-Design Your Home on a Limited Budget

Guest Post written by Manuela Oddone, Interior Designer, D.I.D, Owner of Perspective Interiors.

How to Re-Design Your Home on a Limited Budget

Have you been spending a lot of time these days looking at the spaces in your home wondering what you could do to improve them? 

While resources or a limited budget may pose barriers to the solution, let's get back to the basics!

We all have fabulous visions of what we would love our intimate personal spaces within our homes to look like, but realistically how close to your vision can you attain this creation without spending a fortune?

Well with just a few simple tricks & tips from a professional, you can achieve your vision.

Here are a few easy steps to follow to transform your space.

Step One

Begin with the space you are most eager to change & where you spend the greatest deal of time in. 

Does it have too many pieces of furniture or accessories that could be scaled back?

Can you re-arrange them in this space achieving a better function by simplifying the flow of traffic?

Determine your focal point in the room and work on designing around that.

Step Two

Consider a color refresh to your space!

Introduce a new paint finish to re-invigorate the space you need to address, or perhaps it is a new feature wall that needs a burst of accent to a room.

The color palette you have can often extend with additional complimentary colors to it.

Keep in mind to vary colors & textures.

Step Three

Have you ever taken note of the lighting in a room?

Perhaps it’s time to improve it with a simple addition of dimmer switches or additional light sources rather than buying new fixtures.

Mood lighting is created in many forms, so don’t be afraid to feature or experiment with several ideas in combination!

Add a reading lamp or table lamp to a nook.

Step Four

Have you ever considered how your window treatments impact your space?

Versatility in creating privacy from within a space is often a great priority to a window within a space.

Often you can achieve this without disregarding the strength of it being a feature to your space.

Leave it bare by playing on the shape.

Consider a combination of window treatments of soft drapes to bring both function & even color accenting to your space.

Step Five

Let your walls breathe!

Not every wall needs to have something hanging on it.

Consider grouping portraits, photos in a cleaner format & leave some walls bare.

Some walls just need to serve as a backdrop to simple items like greenery to allow for a more spacious appearance.

Display that ever-changing art that is in your life in different configurations.

The Final Touches

Remember to always add organic elements to a room, vary shapes, sizes & color to create that personal feel.

Add area rugs, baskets, pillows, blankets & play with storage items in a space.

You can’t make a mistake - this is your home so move things around!

If we can take note of our surroundings with the eye of a critic, we can often achieve the simplest solutions in achieving a better form & function to our spaces. 

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Stay safe, have fun & feel free to reach out to Manuela with any questions or comments.


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