How to Organize Your Vehicle

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Jun 02
How to Organize Your Vehicle

How to Organize Your Vehicle

Between commuting to work, driving your kids to after school activities, and running errands on the weekends, you spend a ton of time in your vehicle.

As important as it is to declutter and organize your home and workspaces, your vehicle also needs a little love.

At least twice a year, we recommend you clean out your vehicle to keep it organized and tidy. Your passengers will thank you!

Messy Car

Declutter, Organize & Deep Clean

Start with decluttering, organizing and deep cleaning your vehicle.

Remove everything and only keep what you actually need in your car. As vehicles are small spaces, they can become very cluttered very quickly. This includes the glove box, console, and the trunk.

Start the cleaning process with a good vacuum. Vacuum the floors, mats, seats (don't forget to vacuum under the seats as well!), trunk carpet and all of those hard to reach crevices.

Next, wipe down the dashboard, console, inside of the doors, trim, and any other rubber, vinyl, or leather surfaces with an appropriate cleaner for the type of material in your vehicle.

Clean the upholstery and carpet with a carpet cleaning machine if deep cleaning is needed or simply spot clean for minor stains.

Clean both the inside and outside of all of the glass as well as the rearview and side mirrors to make them shine!

If you spend a lot of time in your car, maintaining it in a clean and organized state will help keep your stress levels down as the inside of your vehicle will be calm and serene even if you are stuck in a traffic jam or someone cuts you off!

Cleaning Car

How to Keep Your Vehicle Organized & Clean

Keep wet wipes and a cleaning cloth in your vehicle for those inevitable spills and for periodic dusting and wiping smudges or fingerprints from the glass.

Ensure that your shoes are clean. Knock off any snow or mud from your footwear before getting into the vehicle. It's never a bad idea to keep a plastic bag with an extra pair of shoes in the trunk just in case!

Have a trash bag handy in your car for coffee cups, old receipts, and other odds and ends. Empty the trash bag weekly or when full. Keeping trash out of your vehicle will keep it smelling better too.

Use a cup holder liner to make cleaning up those coffee spills a breeze.

Don't eat in your vehicle, or at least use a container that will catch any spills or crumbs. If something does spill, clean it up as soon as possible.

Use various over the seat, console, and coin organizers to keep your items contained and help them stay in place. Put items such as an umbrella, reusable grocery bags, flashlight, first aid kit, emergency road kit, and extra wiper fluid in a trunk organizer.

Coupons, receipts, and reward cards can go in a small plastic accordion folder in your glove box.

Every time you get home, take everything in that needs to go inside. This practice will go a long way to keep your vehicle clean and organized on a daily basis.

Ensure you have a well-equipped first aid kit, road safety, and emergency kit. Keep proper emergency supplies for both summer and winter weather such as water, granola bars, candle, jumper cables, blanket, extra gloves, and so on.

Place a “RETURN” box in your trunk for when you are running errands.

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