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Imagine Your Home Professionally Organized

My goal as a Professional Organizer is to help you focus on what you have by taking inventory of your possessions, then sorting and organizing only what you need, use and love.

We focus on how you can live in organized ways by sharing our expert organizing skills, processes and routines so that you are able to organize yourself and stay organized over time.

The value we bring to help you attain uncluttered spaces and peace of mind is immense. You will experience more room for belongings and experiences relevant to your life. You will gain peace of mind to find what you need right away without wading through piles of stuff.

You will find true freedom to live your life.

Beautiful Living Room by Organize My Space Calgary
Did you know that clutter can take up 50% of your entire homes storage space?
Imagine Your Kitchen Clutter Free

Be Free From Your Clutter

As a trained Professional Organizer, I provide personal, unique and customized solutions to help you decrease clutter and maximize your useful space and storage areas.

You gain better productivity when you unload clutter that no longer serves you. My goal is to teach you to live in organized ways by transferring my knowledge, processes and maintenance systems so that you are able to organize yourself and stay organized over time.

Organizing Skills to Keep Your Home Beautiful

As a Professional Organizer, I create customized solutions to increase the efficiency of your home. You will learn the skills needed to keep your home organized long after we are finished your project.

Did you know that folding and sorting are skills that I will share with you to make a big difference in how you manage your day-to-day and keep your clothing items neat and tidy?

Women Garments Folded by OMS Calgary
Kids Stay Organized with OMS Calgary

Your Kids Become Part of the Solution

I want you to spend more time having fun with your kids rather than picking up after your kids....or pestering them to clean up! Transforming your child's room or toy room can give your child a boost of confidence over their space and teach them valuable lifelong skills. 

I love helping kids learn how much fun an organized space can be to live in. It becomes a game to keep the room neat and tidy which helps your overall home organizing plans work for the long term.

Every Space Can Be Functionally Organized

I love functionally organizing spaces with lots of moving parts. From your tool box in the garage to your sewing table or crafting room, all of these areas require functional systems to keep track of the big and small pieces. 

You will be more creative in your space when it functions as good as it looks. I am also safety conscious to make sure your spaces are a safe place to spend quality time.

Home Organizing for Garages by Organize My Space Calgary
Styling & Staging

Styling or Staging After Organizing

Working with an OMS Professional Organizer ensures your home will be professionally styled to your taste or staged well to sell after the decluttering and organizing process.

When you experience a beautifully styled home after all of your hard work organizing this is the cherry on top!

Imagine a world where your spaces are calm, relaxing, functional and you absolutely love the look of your spaces. 

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Full Service Home Organizing Packages

Know Before You Select Your Package:

We provide you with a complimentary. 30-minute, no-obligation virtual consultation. During this time, our Organizing Director will meet with you online to review your project goals, timing and budget. We will help you select the package that will get your space organized. 

revolution package 
24 hours 
(8 x 3-hour sessions)

Create your ideal lifestyle




  • *Full Service (removal of donated goods, organizing product research & recommendations)
  • Home Emergency Planning Package
  • Family Lifestyle Assessment Tool
  • $1,365 Savings Over Standard Hourly Rate!
*Full Service Excludes: Organizing product purchasing & delivery, confidential paper shredding, junk removal, landfill fees, furniture/artwork installation, deep cleaning, parking charges, outside of Calgary/service area mileage/travel costs.

Should one of our packages not suit your needs, a quotation can be provided based on your unique requirements.
In-home Consultation: $150 + GST (credited to account should you become a client of OMS / excludes DIY Action Plan package)
Standard hourly hands-on home organizing rate $125/hour + GST
Moving and packing services rate $150/hour + GST
Product purchasing & delivery rate $60/hour + GST
Each additional helper rate $80/hour + GST