Goal-Setting to Goal-Getting!

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Oct 21
Goal Setting to Goal Getting

Goal-Setting to Goal-Getting

Steppingstones to Success

Your dream is amazing.

But dreams mean nothing without goals and the small daily steps needed to make your vision come to life.

So, think about that one goal you've had on your mind forever.

You know the one…to start your dream business, to lose 10 pounds, to write a book, launch a course, clean out your closet, grow your business...

Yeah, that one.

I'm going to tell you a secret to FINALLY accomplish that goal.

There's NO secret.

It’s easy to reach the results you want if you’re willing to set a goal with your vision as the cornerstone, create a game plan with small action steps that don’t require a ton of willpower or thought on your part, and consistently work on it.

This simple goal-setting to goal-getting formula looks like this:

  1. 1
    Set your goal.
  2. 2
    Make a plan.
  3. 3
    Work the plan.
  4. 4
    Stick to it.
  5. 5
    Get your goal.
  6. 6

These are the basic steps we will work through:

  • Decide on ONE small step or action towards your goal.
  • Write down exactly when, where, and how you will do that ONE small step or action.
  • Do that ONE small action or step. Every. Single. Day.
  • Uncover any barriers or resistance to doing the small step or action and create a combat plan.
  • Reward yourself every time you do the small step or action and celebrate when you’re done!!

Set Your Goal

Define ONE goal that you want.

When you are determining a goal ensure it is:

Make it reasonable. For instance, if your goal is to launch a business in one week, that’s not reasonable. Now, if your goal is to launch a business in 6 months, that’s far more reasonable.

Make it measurable. You must be able to measure your progress and when your goal is complete.

Make it controllable. Your goal must be something within your control. If you have obstacles outside of your influence limiting your ability to achieve your goal, you won’t attain it.

Why Is This Goal Important to You?

Now, let’s plug into your motivation to help you understand WHY you want to achieve this goal:

List 3 reasons WHY you want this goal.

How will you feel when you achieve your goal?

What would you do every day?

What would be gone from your life when you achieve your goal?

How would you feel if you don't start working on your goal?

Make a Plan

Start with the easiest thing possible that your willpower or mental resistance won't get in the way of.

Define the smallest and easiest step you can start with.

This strategy works amazingly well because it forces you to mentally deal with the task by getting over the hardest part which is often just starting.

Make the first step so small and harmless that you can always do it, regardless of any opposing internal or external forces.

Define the smallest and easiest step or steps you can start with.

When you take that one, simple, tiny action step towards your goal today, tomorrow, the next day, and so on, these small steps add up over time.

You will automatically want to do more and more as inertia takes over and you start to see yourself arriving at your goal.

Focusing on daily small steps or actions will lead to you hitting your goal and ultimately making your dream for your life come true.

Work the Plan

Have you ever wondered why tiny changes to your work habits or routines work better than big steps all at once to achieve your goals?


Yes, willpower. Your willpower is a muscle and it gets fatigued over the day.

Think of how many little and large decisions you make in a day. Your willpower muscle gets tired.

When you leave your goal-getting into the hands of your willpower, your odds are not good that you’ll stick with it.

Do this until this one tiny step is a fully ingrained habit or you have completed the small task.

Then pick another tiny action step or action.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat...

Goal setting and goal getting takes micro-steps, done every day until your vision for your life becomes fact.

Stick To It

Have you ever gotten so excited about a new goal and then you encounter a hint of resistance and you give up?

So how does resistance normally show up for you? Some common forms of resistance are fear, anger, anxiety, frustration, confusion, feeling tired, bored, etc.

With any change, your internal or external world will resist at some point in time and if you don’t have a plan to overcome it, your resistance will win.

This next step is essential because you WILL encounter resistance along the journey of your goal getting.

Write down any resistance you feel towards completing your goal.

Write down how you plan to overcome this resistance when it shows up.

Be accountable to someone (accountability is a huge motivator and can help you overcome resistance) to have them help you through.

Whom will this be for you?

Get Your Goal

Your committment.

Promise yourself you will do your one small step, even if you don’t feel like it.

Make a commitment to yourself that you won’t miss a day. And if you do miss a day, you’ll get right back at it the next day.

You deserve your dream and the only way to make your invisible dream visible is by making, planning, and completing the goals that take you closer to making your dream your real-life experience.


Sometimes the small tasks, steps, or new routines, which are key to bringing about your goal, do not appeal to you.

You may feel it is more of a “should” rather than a “want” and it can be hard to find the positive and get excited by it.

This is why you MUST connect something positive to accomplishing each daily micro-step and when you achieve the goal.

Also, share your successes with the people around you and those you’ve leaned on for accountability.

Being able to tell people about your achievements is an extra reward for getting that goal done!

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