Frequently Asked Organizing Questions

Answers To Your Organizing Questions

You have three choices when it comes to getting your spaces organized so that they support you and the life that you want to live.

With any option above, you will likely have organizing questions that fellow Freedom Flyers have asked us in the past. Our goal is to answer as many questions you have before we talk on the phone or meet in person for our complimentary 30-minute, in-home assessment. This will make our time together highly valuable and productive for you.

Please click on each of the common organizing questions below to see the answer expand for you.

Personal Space Organizing Questions & Answers

What does it mean to be organized?

What are the basic principles of organizing?

What value will I get hiring a Professional Organizer?

What is the role of a Professional Organizer?

Am I in control of the process? 

Do I need to be there during the organizing process? 

How long will it take to get my space organized? 

What do I do about stuff that I no longer want?

Will you sell my stuff online or via consignment?

I have a large home and a lot of stuff. Can you handle helping me downsize quickly?

Can family or friends join in to help me get organized?

I already have a lot of containers - can we use those?

Are you insured?

Where did you learn how to do this?

Have you ever worked with a client like me before?

I have never been able to get, let alone stay, organized.  Will working with a Professional Organizer really help me?

What to Expect When Starting The Organizing Process

What happens during my initial phone consultation with Noreen?

What can I do to prepare for the free 30-minute, in-home assessment?

What can I do to prepare for our first hands on organizing session?

How long are organizing sessions?

What can I expect during our first hands on organizing session?

When We Work Together

Will you remind me of my appointments?

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

What forms of payment do you accept?

What happens if I need repair work, a handyman or a cleaning service?

Can I purchase a gift certificate for organizing services?

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Do you have a referral program?

Guideline for In-Home Assessments & In-Person Organizing Sessions Under COVID-19

Workplace Safety Policy

Pre-Screen Health Check

Risk Assessment

Disinfection of Supplies & Surfaces

Personal Protective Equipment

Physical Distancing

Donated Items

Cancellation Fee Waived

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