Doing What it Takes

By Noreen Music | Book Writing

Aug 10
Doing What it Takes

Doing What It Takes

When you discover your compelling dream and do what it takes to turn your dream into reality, this is your greatest business asset.

Dream on my friends.

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“We are often pushed by pain until we are pulled by a vision.”  - Dr. Michael Beckwith

Vision isn’t just about seeing your future.

It’s about organizing, planning and then acting on the steps to get you there.

When you get involved in the realization of your dreams, unseen powers remarkably start bringing you what you need, when you need it.

Revealing and plugging into your compelling dream will inspire your action and the action of the all powerful Intelligent Mind.

When your dream reveals your future centred in the truth that lives in your heart, you are able to clearly recognize any invading untruth.

It makes knowing what steps to take in the journey much clearer.

Becoming crystal clear on your vision for your work is the first step.

Next is to put in place actionable stepping stones designed to lead you to achieve your dream over time.

Feeling overwhelmed and unfocused in your work happens when you don’t have goals that support your vision as you struggle to pin point your most meaningful work.

Dreaming and then doing what it takes to turn your dream into a reality is your greatest business asset as it helps you to challenge your current state and change your future circumstances.

Find your freedom.
Live your life.


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The Unexpected Entrepreneur: Now You're Here, Make a Difference While Making a Living

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