Do It Yourself Organizing Resources

One Organizing Idea Might Be All You Need

You have arrived here because you likely have found yourself in one of a few places:

1. Planning to Organize

2. Got Stuck Organizing My Home

3. Looking for productivity and efficiency resources.

Planning to Organize Your Work or Home

We are excited that you have a work or home organizing project in mind. Proper planning before you being will help ensure that your project makes it to the completed stage. This is the exciting part where you are thrilled to show off your hard work at home or reap the rewards of working in more organized and productive ways.

Want some great do it yourself organizing ideas and resources?

There is no doubt that you will find value in these great resources we are excited to share here with you. Check back often as we will keep adding to this resource list as we find new people, companies and products to recommend to you.

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Fempreneur Directory

Be U Be Beautiful - Rae-Ann Warner - Life, Business & Marketing Coach
Cheeky Sleeper - Alison McAdam - Certified Paediatric Sleep Consultant and Founder of Cheeky Sleeper
Cosenzo Media - Meghan Cosenzo - Video Productions
Inner Stillness Healing Arts - Jessica Palik Bray - Registered Massage Therapist, Usui & Karuna Reiki Master & CranioSacral Therapist
Interiors by Jessica - Jessica Lau de Velazquez - Step by Step Design Plans for New Homeowners
Jane Lennon Coach - Jane Lennon - Certified Life Coach
Lighter Side Interiors - Amanda, Owner & Creator - Home Staging
Lisa Gabriel Photography - Lisa Gabriel - Photographer & Owner
Modern Smoke Signals - Gina Sauer - Trauma Informed Coach
Mortgageline Mortgage Architects - Sue Sanders, Mortgage Advisor
Nala Nation - Niki Hejtmanek, Founder & Fitness & Nutrition Coach
Organizing by Oz - Collette Oswald - Chronically Disorganized Specialist
Perspective Interiors - Manuela Oddone - Interior Designer
Photosavy Organizing - Cindy
Revival Therapeutics & Performance - Carly Kolesnik, Athletic Therapist
Safe & Sound Safety Training & Consulting - Debra deWaal
Scribe National B2B Copywriting Studio - Afton Brazzoni, Founder
Shannon Designs Embroidery & Promotions
Stacey on Social - Stacey Watts - Your Social Media BFF
Stillwater Coaching - Barb Francis
Thairapy Hair Salon - Tina L'Amant - Hair Stylist & Colorist
The Change Maven Coach & Speaker - Kristine Morris
The Gift Designers - Noreen Ward
The Self-Care Trainer - Johnena Stenske - Exercise mindset coaching to help you enjoy exercise!
Thirty-One Gifts - Collette Oswald - Consultant
Traction Strategy Consulting - Tamara Eberle
U.Glow.GRL BLOG - Deena Kordt - Join The Adventures. Talk Real Life.
Yes Love Heals! - Kari Rose - Registered Massage Therapist
YYC Fempreneur - Lyndsie Barrie - Marketing Education for Fempreneurs
Well Bean Coaching - Jolie Viguers, CPA, CMA - Bean Counter & Financial Coach

 TIP: Only donate what doesn't belong in the recycling or garbage bin. Items that are missing pieces, stained, damaged or broken should not be donated. Charities don't have the extra resources needed to deal with your trash so please keep this in mind when donating!

Online Resources & Apps

1Password - Password Manager
Adobe Scan - Scanner in Back Pocket
Boomerang - Schedule & Pause Emails
Braintoss - Idea Capture App
Brainwave - Focus, Relax, Meditate, Sleep
Calm - Meditation & Sleep
Camelcamelcamel - Amazon Price Tracker
Canva - Design Anything
Clean Email - Manage Email Inbox
Cloudtenna - File Search Assistance
Cozi - Family Organizer
Daily - Yoga App
Fabulous - Build Healthy Habits in 30 Days
Forest - Stay Focused Chrome Extension
Goodreads - Find & Share Books You Love
Habitify - Track Habits
Happy - Mental Health Chat Community
Headspace - Find An Inner Sense of Calm
Icovia - Online Interior Design Software - Email Control Tool
Insight Timer - Meditation & Sleep App
iPassword - Password Manager
Keep - Google Notes
Memento Database - Customizable Database to Track & Organize Anything
MoveAdvisor App
Noises - Online Background Sounds
OneNote - Microsoft Digital Notebook
Out of Milk - Grocery List App
OverDrive App - Connects Library Card to Digital E-books/Audiobooks/Videos
Pexels - Free Stock Photos
Pocket - Save Content From Everywhere - Create Free Polls - Remove Image Background
RescueTime - App that Provides Insights Into How You Spend Time
SaneBox - Helps to Organize Your Inbox
Slido - Audience Interaction Made Easy
Spike - View Email as Chats
Strict WorkFlow - Enforces 25 mins of Work/5 min Break
The Most Dangerous Writing App - Don't Stop Writing
Things3 App - Task Manager
TickTick - Task Manager - Time Zones
TinyScan - Scan Docs From Phone
Todoist - Task Manager - Lists all Subscription Emails
Waking Up - Daily 10 min Meditations 
Wecroak - Find Happiness by Contemplating Mortality
Woven - Smart, Collaborative Calendar
Wunderlist - Task Manager
Zapier - Connect Apps & Automate Workflows

NOTE: Some charities have changed their practices and policies due to the COVID-19 global pandemic and they may not accept donations. As a consequence, some items that would normally be donated, may need to be discarded. We suggest you contact the organization(s) before you make arrangements to donate.

Get Unstuck & Back To Organizing

It's discouraging to be right in the middle of a home organizing project and find your momentum has stalled out. This can happen for several reasons. The good news is that while you may feel stuck right now, this just means it's time to take a break and regroup.

Now is the time to figure out where the project is stuck at. It may help if you start by asking these questions before you continue.

  • Have you made a list of all the organizing tools & supplies you still need to finish the project?
  • Are your space measurements correct to accommodate the storage resources you need to purchase?
  • Did you suddenly realize that you need a contractor to help clean, fix or repair something in your home before you can finish the project?
  • Can you clearly define what is required for a contractor so that you can obtain a fast quotation to get the service completed?
  • Who can physically help you sort, move and relocate smaller physical items?
  • Who can help you install equipment or furniture to the space?
  • Who can help you with moving the larger physical items around your space?
  • What items no longer needed or wanted in your home can you recycle?
  • What items no longer needed or wanted in your home can you discard in the trash?
  • What items no longer needed or wanted in your home can you donate to a worthy local shelter, thrift store or consign/sell?

The above list of local resources might help you get back on your feet and into your project. If you cannot find something or someone on the list, please complete the Contact Form at the bottom of this page so we can help point you in the right direction.

EXPERT TIP:  A gold standard in professional organizing is to deal with today first, then tomorrow and maybe yesterday.

It's Okay To Ask For Help

We find that many of our clients start out strong with a do it yourself home organizing project. You have the best intentions along with a solid plan. You invested in the best tools and resources to get the project done.

You booked off time from work and other commitments to work on completing the project. Now you find yourself stuck because you have either run out of time, or you need a few ideas about how to overcome a surprise obstacle.

Would you like two additional home organizing options that can assist you in bringing your project to completion?

Done With You

This service might just be what you need right now to finish your project. With this service, we would meet with you to discuss your goals and desires to finish the project. We would work with you to help you with:

  • Creating a comprehensive organizing plan
  • Identify specific resources you need to complete your project
  • Source and purchase resources for you
  • Work with you in your space to install or implement resources to help you finish your project
  • Develop and manage a contractor service plan for you to quickly get the tough tasks completed

Done For You

Most of our clients have a clear vision for their space. You know that you can live in a beautiful and well organized space that allows you to breath and smile each day.

You might be a great candidate for the done for you service if you:

  • Started a project but for some reason, you cannot finish the project yourself.
  • You have a clear idea about what needs to be done, but you don't have the time, energy or ability to get started and finished.

If you said yes to the above, the done for you service is the right approach to investigate next.

Your next step is to contact us to setup an initial phone consultation. We will then arrange a complimentary 30-minute, in-home assessment so that we can meet with you to view your space. This will give us a great chance to capture your vision and understand your project timeline, budget and goals.

After the assessment is complete, we will provide you with information on our packages or a written quotation and any other relevant details you need to choose us for your project.

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