Destroy Your Procrastination

By Noreen Music | Book Writing

Oct 13
Destroy Procrastination

Destroy Your Procrastination

Destroying procrastination and improving your productivity gives you the freedom to live your best life, whatever that means to you. 

Striving for perfectly imperfect (not perfection) is a good thing. Wanting things to be well done and polished is perfectly fine. An excellence mindset is far more balanced and attainable than an unhealthy perfectionist mindset. 

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"You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step." - Martin Luther King, Jr

Procrastination is a Habit You Can Change

How much time and energy over the years have you wasted telling yourself you can't? Or I don't feel like it? Or I'm afraid. Or I'm not prepared, ready, excited…?

Procrastination is an irrational and unnecessary delay of a task or activity and it happens to everyone at some point or another. It’s your ancient brains way of keeping you safe by avoiding things that are scary or consume more energy than it thinks it’s worth. Your mind is wired to dislike change and it puts off until tomorrow what it should do today.

But the habit of procrastination doesn’t have to be your experience. 

You can override your ancient brain with the more robust and modern prefrontal cortex part of your brain. Procrastination makes simple things difficult and difficult things even harder.

Stop procrastinating and start right where you are. Even if you don’t feel like doing something you know you need to do, do it anyway.

Focus on your strengths, abilities, and skills rather than on what you think lack. 

Destroy Your Procrastination

Letting go of perfectionism combined with goal setting, planning, and taking action is the secret to destroy your procrastination. Not doing the things you don't like, what you aren't comfortable with or what you’re "afraid of" is your brain controlling your actions.

When you choose to act and do it anyway, you WILL retrain your brain NOT to procrastinate.

Starting is always the hardest part. Once you get going on a task, it is never as difficult as your brains tells you it will be. So as you continue working on a task, you start to feel better and better. Reminding yourself of this whenever your ancient brain tells you to procrastinate, will help encourage you to start.

Good Enough, Not Perfect, Will Make Your Procrastination Quit

We already know it's 100% impossible to do everything perfectly. Excellent, yes. Good enough, yes. Perfect, no.

Perfection doesn't exist. 

When you overcome the habit of procrastination, the work you have to do, but don't like, won't hang over your head. You will get better at the tasks you don't know how to do well. The unrealistic fears and limiting beliefs in your head will stop choosing for you.

Instilling new ideas about unhealthy perfectionism into your mind and then deciding on new practices and ways of working is what will make your procrastination quit.

Find your freedom.
Live your life.


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