Designing Your Dream

By Noreen Music | Book Writing

Aug 25
Clarity is created

Designing Your Dream

As an entrepreneur, it's essential to have a big dream, the right mindset, and solid productivity skills to build your business.

One of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face are the constant feelings of overwhelm, doubt, and fear that seems to be inescapable when you work for yourself.

This book is being designed to help you as an entrepreneur gain clarity on your dream, create a positive mindset directed towards success plus discover and overcome your productivity blocks.

Expanding your vision and polishing your productivity skills lays the foundation to transform how you work to enjoy greater results, freedom and success in your business.

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"You can have anything you want if you want it desperately enough. You must want it with an inner exuberance that erupts through the skin and joins the energy that created the world." - Sheilah Graham

Designing Your Dream

Your powerful why and hope for the future rests within your dream.

It provides a sense of purpose and steers your direction.

It influences the decisions you make along the way.

It’s your anchor which holds your dream in place to keep you from drifting off course.

It keeps you focused.

It’s your guiding light which reveals the deeper meaning and purpose to the work of your hands.

Clarity is created when you catch sight of your dream for the future.

Clarity is power and the clearer you are, mountains mysteriously move to make your desire a reality.

If you're not crystal clear on your vision, focusing on what’s most important in your work is challenging.

Look at your dream as the function of connective tissue in your body. It is the lifeblood that runs through your work.

Design a dream that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning. 

Make your dream so compelling and exciting that you can’t ignore it and you refuse to let it go. The act of designing your compelling dream sets the foundation for your productivity.

The act of designing your dream

My new dream came after I helped my mom overcome many decades of chronic disorganization in her home.

I realized that what made me successful and a high achiever in my life and career was my natural talent and skills around time management and productivity.

This was it!

This was always a love of mine and what I taught to people on my team for decades. This was my unfair advantage.

This was my dream!

And so I became an unexpected entrepreneur.

Once I planted this flag, I set to work researching, planning, and piecing together my business from nothing to a what it is today.

Slowly, step by step, my dream unfolded.

I worked at not rushing it or becoming unreasonably fearful of the unknown.

The pencil sketch of my budding dream was coming together.

It was like carrying a child inside of me as I felt it grow and expand in ways that still amaze me.

The freedom I finally felt being able to be as creative and crazy as I wanted to be was liberating and exciting.

My dream still hasn’t found the edges of its boundaries but I’m in awe of how letting go of my limits and letting my dream live in the land of possibility has given it space to grow.

So let your imagination run wild.

Set it free to wander.

Dream dreams - big dreams, crazy dreams, the kind of dreams that will fail if you don’t have total faith in possibility.

Nothing is impossible when you decide on possibility. You might think you’re limited in your dreaming, but the realm of possibility is not limited.

Looking within will lead you to the place where your greatest dream for your life lives and you will catch a glimpse of the you that you’re going to be.

Find your freedom.
Live your life.


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The Unexpected Entrepreneur: Now You're Here, Make a Difference While Making a Living

This book will give you the productivity skills and resources to help you make a difference while making a living. What if you could ditch your distractions and break free from overwhelm to create focus and achieve more than you ever thought possible? What would your life look like if you used doubt and fear as steppingstones to live with greater confidence? Perfectionism will no longer poison your mind or keep you from reaching your goals as you embrace the "perfectly imperfect" mindset.

When you've finished reading this book, you will have laid a strong foundation to transform your physical, digital, and mental spaces so that you can enjoy greater freedom and success in your entrepreneurial journey.


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