Clearing Clutter Makes Space

By Noreen Music | Freedom Fridays

Mar 20
Clearing Clutter Makes Space

Clearing Clutter Makes Space for What Freedom Means to You

What does being free from clutter mean?

Freedom is a powerful word. It means you have choices and space to breathe.

It also stands for your right to live your true purpose and not be burdened by what doesn't serve you.

Freedom allows you to choose how you live your life and what brings you happiness without feeling constrained by clutter and disorganization.

Freedom means your life flows easily and you are not prevented from doing what gives you joy.

What are the impacts of living in a cluttered space?

Being surrounded by clutter can literally choke the air from your space.

It takes away your ability to develop and progress. It limits your ability to move forward and achieve your dreams.

Clutter takes a toll on your mental health & well being. You experience feelings of guilt, shame and embarrassment and these negative emotions can become the only way you live in your home.

Clearing clutter to make space for freedom

Clearing clutter allows you to decide how you spend your time, your money and your energy.

Organizing and clearing clutter does more than just make your home look clean. It lowers your stress levels, helps you sleep and take better care of yourself. It gives you energy to get more accomplished.

You are not a slave to your stuff - physically, physiologically, financially.

Your life is worth so much more than the piles of paper or mountains of clothes that surround you.

“Freedom is the oxygen of the soul.” – Moshe Dayan

How can we help you clear clutter and find what freedom means to you?

When your clutter is gone you can accomplish daily tasks more easily and with fewer obstacles.

Living with this kind of liberating freedom is within your reach.

What clutter do you need to clear to make space for what freedom means to you?

Maybe one idea is all you need? Check out our  DIY resources we have gathered to make it easier for you.

You can always let us know how we can help - we are always here for you.

Find your freedom.
Live your life.



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