Buying Less Means Less Clutter

By Noreen Music | Freedom Fridays

Mar 31
Buying Less Means Less Clutter

Buying Less Means Less Clutter

Do you want more energy, more money and more time to pursue the things in your life that bring you real happiness?

Then buy less, choose wisely and take care of your things to make them last.

It sounds simple and it really is.

Buying Less

Buying less means less clutter. Less clutter leads to more energy and reduced stress. 

Plus you will have less to clean and less to organize. BONUS!

Consuming less reduces your carbon footprint which is good for our big blue planet.

You will experience increased contentment which comes from reducing the burden of owning too much stuff.

Buying less is far better than buying green.

Choose Wisely

Choosing wisely means buying better quality and buying only what you need when you need it.

Only buying what you need at a higher quality saves you time by not having to repair or replace items as quickly as an inferior item. 

Buying new isn't your only option! There are many ways to buy previously used goods in great condition for much less than buying new.

You save money by spending wisely more than by any other way. Being in control and making smart buying decisions will go a long way to lower your financial stress.

Take Care of Your Things

Taking care of your things makes them last longer which saves you money and can ease any current and future financial burden.

Being responsible and respectful of your belongings is also a reflection of how you take care of yourself. 

Less really is more and you can be content with what you have. Consumerism and comparing yourself to others is not a healthy way to live. 

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