Business Organizing Solutions

Fundamentals of Business Organizing Solutions

  • Are there fewer people on your team due to cut backs and are they stretched thin?
  • How often do you feel busy but not productive?
  • Do unanswered emails buried deep in your inbox keep you up at night?
  • Is your calendar overrun by other people's agendas?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, we are here to help. Organize My Space provides transformational service solutions for home offices as well as small and large organizations with customized team seminars combined with one-on-one personalized coaching based on the Fundamentals of Business Organizing Solutions and Employee Productivity 4 pillar program. 

We specialize in providing all types of businesses with organizing and productivity services to deliver impactful skill building support and proficiency to their employees which improves employee engagement, customer service, increased cost savings and a positive impact on business results (profit!). 

Our 4P program elements have been carefully designed to organize both the physical and electronic environments, empowering employees with productivity and time management strategies and custom designed rhythms and routines to ensure you/your team stays organized.

Be a Powerful Productive Professional

Being organized and highly productive at work is a game changer.

Everyday you are constantly bombarded by mountains of paper, the incessant dings, pings and rings of your electronic devices, a frenzy of distractions all vying for your attention, other people's agendas that overtake your calendar, constantly changing priorities....whew! 

If you are feeling discouraged or overwhelmed don't dismay, there is another way! By working with an OMS Professional Business Organizing Solutions coach, your physical work space will become free of clutter and more efficient.

You will become the manager of your electronics not the other way around. You will learn powerful productivity skills that will take you from distraction to traction. You and your Professional Organizer coach will design custom rhythms and routines to keep you on track for the long term.

Regardless of how disorganized you think you are or the number of emails in your inbox, everyone is capable of learning and implementing these career transforming and stress relieving skills. We are here to help and we are with you all the way. You've got this!

When you complete the 4P Business Organizing Solutions Program, you will be well equipped with powerful success generating tools in your toolbox. You will be what we call the ultimate triple threat.....a Powerful Productive Professional.

“When we organize the foundation of our work, learn new skills, know our priorities and then put plans and systems in place to act on what's important, that is organizing for success.”

Noreen Music, Owner Organize My Space

The Four Pillars of Business Organizing Solutions & Employee Productivity

Pillar One: Business Organizing - Optimize Your Physical Space

  • Setting up an efficient workspace
  • Effortless paper flow
  • File retrieval systems that work
  • Effective use of planning tools

Pillar Two: Business Organizing - Manage Your Electronics

  • Email management basics
  • Commitment management
  • Smartphone best practices
  • Create easy electronic filing systems
  • Digital note-taking

Pillar Three: One-on-One Coaching - Empowered Employees

  • Find focus in the frenzy
  • Task management
  • Delegation & follow up that gets results
  • Critical decision making skills
  • Meetings that get things done
  • 5 W's of communication

Pillar Four: One-on-One Coaching - Rhythms & Routines

  • What is your why?
  • Discover what's holding you back
  • Making change work for you
  • High yield planning & preparation
  • Design custom rhythms & routines
  • When to course correct

Benefits of the Program


  • Save an average of 30 minutes per day!
  • Find what you need faster!
  • Make quicker decisions!
  • Efficient paper flow!
  • Lose distractions & gain traction!


  • Banish physical & mental clutter!
  • Improved ergonomics!
  • Recover 20-40% of your office, file & storage space!
  • Relieve stress & feel good in your space!


  • 100% ROI in 3-4 mos from increased productivity!
  • Focus on what's business critical to move the needle!
  • Reduce employee turnover!
  • Better communication = less mistakes!
At OMS, we are committed to transform how you work to unlock the freedom and success you deserve!

Business Organizing Solutions - Services & Pricing

business organizing SERVICES

Effective physical space efficiency & time saving systems



/hour + GST

  • Initial Phone Consult
  • On-Site Intake & Needs Analysis 
  • Workplace Safety Hazard Checklist 
  • Employee Self Assessment Questionnaire
  • Time Activity Log (DILO)
  • Incoming Paper Guide
  • Records Retention Best Practices
business organizing + team seSSION + coaching services

Optimal space efficiency & time savings, team cohesion & transformational employee empowerment



/hour +GST

  • Initial Phone Consult
  • On-Site Intake & Needs Analysis
  • Workplace Safety Hazard Checklist
  • Team Productivity Assessment Tool for Leaders ($99 value!)
  • Employee Productivity Self Assessment Tool ($49 value!)
  • Time Activity Log (WILO)
  • Incoming Paper Guide
  • Records Retention Best Practices
  • Sourcing Organizing Products & Research Time
  • One-on-one personal coaching based on 4P Program (in person or virtual)
  • 50% off 6 Hour Home Organizing "Transition" Package for each participant ($195 value!)
  • One hour virtual after service check in & evaluation
Organize My Space Calgary has resumed in-person organizing services. We are operating with enhanced infection prevention and controls in place, adhering to all COVID-19 protocols outlined by the Alberta Government. Our goal is to prevent exposure and decrease the spread of COVID-19 for the health and safety of our valued client's and employee's.
* Estimate to be provided after intake process based on each clients unique needs and requirements.