Being An Organized Person

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Feb 21
Being an Organized Person

Being an organized person

So what does it mean to be an organized person?

Being an organized person means different things to different people.

There is a sliding clutter scale where we each feel the most comfortable and in control of our lives. Some people prefer their spaces to be pristine and minimalist while others are happiest when they can see more of their stuff.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to being organized. The most important thing is that your spaces work for you.

If you feel ashamed to have company over, you regularly can't find things you need, or you miss paying bills on the due date because of clutter, it is time to get organized.

How do you become more organized?

Organized people are not born that way....really they're not. They have simply learned skills, tools, habits, and systems to get and keep themselves organized.

The good news is that anyone can learn to become more organized!

You may think "I'm just not that way." or "I'm too creative/spontaneous." and that is understandable.

But if you are open-minded and motivated to implement a few basics, you can live a more organized and stress-free life.

Basics of becoming organized

When you are an organized person, your house is neat, and you keep track of what you need to accomplish and when.

You know what your priorities are. You have simple systems in place. You use tools to help make tasks more efficient. You understand the basics of organization.

The following practices, systems and habits illustrate what being organized looks like.

  • You take time to think about what is most important and set goals for yourself.
  • You use your goals & priorities as a filter for what you commit to (and what you don't) and what important tasks you focus on completing.
  • You find tools that work for you such as technology, apps, paper planners/calendars, meal planning methods, etc.
  • You declutter any excess stuff regularly. Your golden rule is to only have what you need, use and love.
  • You have simple systems that you actually use. 
  • You have established daily routines to keep your spaces clean, organized and prepared for the next day.

Benefits of being organized

The benefits of being organized are numerous and truly life-changing.

Here are just a few of the transformative ways your life will improve.

  • Making small and simple shifts reduces your feelings of overwhelm and stress.
  • You project a better image to your clients, colleagues and friends.
  • What you accomplish in a shorter amount of time amazes you.
  • You gain energy and a sense of calm from your spaces. 
  • You find the freedom to be creative, pursue your passions and have more fun in your life!

Enjoying the satisfaction and advantages of living a more organized life is within your reach.

You will never regret becoming a more organized person.

Looking for more help?

If you are looking for more help, check out our DIY organizing resources to find a ton of great suggestions.

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