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Apr 13
Ask a Professional Organizer

We asked Professional Organizers this question...

What is the one morning or evening routine that keeps you the most organized?

Welcome to our first Ask a Professional Organizer blog post where we answer what one morning or evening routine we have as professional organizers that keeps us organized.

Each of our contributors are highly skilled trained Professional Organizers who offer a variety of residential and corporate organizing services in Calgary, Cochrane, Canmore, Airdrie & Mountain View County. Thank you to each of our organizing experts for your participation!

We plan to make this a regular series so keep your eye out for future posts as we answer your most popular and burning organizing questions.

Why are routines important?

When you think about your daily routines, these are your small everyday habits that take you closer to your bigger goals and underline what's most important to you.

Based on what is essential to you, routines can be established to keep your home clean and organized, increase your productivity or improve your overall health and well-being.

Healthy and positive daily routines are the incremental steps that move you closer to your aspirations.

Bad habits should be eliminated and replaced with good routines if you are not seeing the results or experiencing the quality of life you desire.

Setting up your daily routines to experience health, organization, improved relationships, cleanliness and professional success occur not by big events but by the little things you choose to do every single day.

Simple daily routines help you cope with the ongoing onslaught of decisions that you face every day. It can sound counter-intuitive, but routines actually help you manage stress and experience less anxiety as you are more in control.

A word of caution...when taken to the extreme, routines can feel like a prison for some people. Routines and rhythms work best when they flow naturally, are not forced and they reinforce your vision for your life.

Each person and family are different so do what works best for you!
 "I honestly don’t have a routine in the morning besides coffee and getting ready for work. My evening routine though is busy with kitchen cleanup, work bags, lunch ready, review of the next day's tasks, catch up on a 15 min "Oz-job" I call them and then bed." - Collette Ozwald, Professional Organizer, Organizing by Oz

How to Start a Routine

Decide what your bigger goal is and then work backward.

Maybe you want to keep your home tidier, not be so rushed and chaotic in the morning or enjoy more evenings relaxing and having fun with your family.

Start with breaking your big goal into small, realistic daily goals.

Write down your new routine. Put it in your calendar. Commit to it.

Be consistent every day.

Track your progress until your new routine is an ingrained habit (usually a good 90 days).

Celebrate your success!

"I have both a morning and evening routine that I do every day. I make my bed every morning and I make sure the kitchen is tidied every night. Both of these things make me feel calm and organized. There is nothing better than seeing a made bed when you walk into the bedroom and walking into a tidy kitchen in the morning!" - Debbie White, Professional Organizer, Orderly Outcomes Consulting

An Organized Day Starts the Night Before

Think about your current evening routines - what can you do the night before to make your next day as organized as possible?

Here are some suggested evening routines:

  • Deal with paperwork and mail on a daily basis.
  • Hang clothes up or put them in the laundry hamper as soon as you change out of your work clothes.
  • Set clothes/accessories out for the next day.
  • Tidy up at the end of the day - fold the living room blankets, do the dinner dishes, have the kids put their toys away.
  • Fold and put laundry away immediately after it comes out of the dryer.
  • Set up coffee/tea for the morning.
  • Prepare a healthy lunch/snack when making dinner.
  • Read/journal/meditate/take a bath or shower.
  • Go to bed on time (or early).

Evening routines set up your next day to be more organized and prepared, so you are ready to start fresh in the morning.

"My one evening routine that keeps me organized is: I never go to bed without clear counters. It doesn't matter if I get home late, I will quickly load the dishwasher, clear and wipe counters before I go to bed. It allows me to wake up to a blank slate and get a head start on the next day! Not to mention has a huge impact on my mental health." - Margi Regehr, Professional Organizer, FreeSpace Organizing

Suggested Morning Routines

Your morning routine sets the tone for the rest of your day.

You are more in control of your schedule and your time. Your productivity increases and you are less distracted. You aren't picking up after yourself later in the day.

Establish regular morning routines to keep your home clutter and stress-free. Here are a number of our suggested morning routines to make it a great day!

  • Wake up on time (or early).
  • Meditate or pray.
  • Build in movement like stretching or yoga.
  • Make your bed every morning.
  • Put wet towel on a hook or towel rack to dry after shower/bath.
  • Put toiletries & makeup away after getting ready.
  • Don’t leave the hairdryer on the counter.
  • Review your to-do list and calendar so you know what is important to accomplish today.

As you start each day fresh, you can focus on what's important and ultimately keep your home and family more organized.

"My morning routine is NO PHONE until I have made my bed, meditated, exercised and showered. Then I review my goals & tasks, plan my day and block my calendar. Evening habits consist of tidying the house after dinner, processing emails and on a good night, reading in bed with a cup of tea!" - Noreen Music, Professional Organizer, Organize My Space Calgary

Daily rhythms and routines will help to ensure all of your efforts to declutter and organize do not unravel and that you are living your best life.

We encourage you to make easy, workable routines and systems for your mornings and evenings.

The quality of your habits is the quality of your life!

Thank You to Our Contributors!


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