About OMS

Hello friend! I'm Noreen Music, the owner and founder of Organize My Space Calgary (OMS).

We are a locally owned and operated professional home and business organizing service company located in Calgary, Alberta.

My team and I work with clients who experience clutter and disorganization at home or at work. We help you let go of what doesn’t support you and organize what's left so you experience more freedom and success in your life.

I'm proud to be a native Calgarian….one of the few left! This is where I went to school, built my 30-year corporate career in commercial real estate, got married, raised my 2 kids and started my business. Calgary is my home.

Organization and productivity has always been my passion. The systems and routines I put into practice over my career, my education as a Trained Professional Organizer with Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) and my busy life as a wife and mother are the skills I bring to the clients we help everyday. 

Learning these practical and powerful organizing skills will not only transform your home or work spaces but your emotional and mental spaces as well. 

"The time and effort you spend organizing today will give you a lifetime of value that you will never regret." Noreen Music

Everything we do at OMS has been designed to help you live free from disorganization and clutter. We work together to determine your personal vision for your space. We ask you questions such as "How do you want to feel in your home or workspace?"  We learn what is working for you and what isn't.

What inspired me to start OMS was helping a loved one declutter decades of possessions. I was deeply impacted when I experienced how sorting, letting go and then organizing the treasures she decided to keep completely transformed her life. She didn't know where to begin and was overwhelmed at the prospect of even getting started. We took it one step at a time, worked out a plan together and we got it done.

This can be you too!

Our step-by-step system expertly guides you through the process of releasing clutter, putting unique organizational systems in place to create better flow and function and then establishing routines to keep it that way so the clutter and disorganization is gone for good.

Your home and work are intertwined and when both spaces are well designed and organized, this sets you free to truly live your personal and professional passions!

We invite you to experience the ultimate freedom of fresh, clean and organized spaces by exploring these options:

More about us...

Organize My Space Calgary is a member of Professional Organizers in Canada (POC).

Noreen Music serves as Vice-President on the National Board of Directors for POC which represents over 450+ professional organizers and productivity professionals across Canada with a mandate to provide visibility, credibility and connection within the professional organizing profession.

Noreen has also earned her Silver Leaf status which recognizes tenure and volunteerism with POC.

All POC members must abide by a Code of Conduct and Ethics which is a set of principles and guidelines that each member agrees to adopt for the exercise of judgment, self-restraint and conscience.

We are proud to be recognized by The Best in Calgary as one of Calgary's top professional organizing companies.