A Hassle-Free Holiday Season

By Noreen Music | Organizing Tips

Dec 09
Hassle Free Holidays

When did the holidays become such a hassle?

We rush around crowded malls buying mountains of gifts we can't afford. We spend hours planning and attending an overwhelming amount of holiday events and commitments because we feel obligated.

There are gifts to wrap, decorations to put up, baking to do, special meals to cook and, oh yeah, enjoy Christmas.

I know there's no way of getting around many of the to-do's that come with this time of year. It is an incredibly busy and stressful season without a doubt. For some, it is a really sad and lonely time too.

Christmas however, is meant to bring light into a dark world. It is a time to nourish ourselves and our loved ones, to reconnect with what gives us true joy and peace. It's a time to celebrate an amazing gift given to mankind.

For instance, we have a choice. We can fall into the hassle and stress of the holidays or we can focus on the magic and wonder of Christmas. Sorry but big box stores and TV marketing ads should not get to choose for us.

Ask yourself these important questions for a hassle-free holiday season....

  • Who do I really want to spend the holidays with?
  • How much time and money am I willing to give without sacrificing my calendar and pocketbook?
  • What traditions mean the most to me?
  • Who can I truly bless or serve or reach out to in comfort?

Above all, being clear and focused on the reason behind the season reduces the stress and hassle you experience. You may decide to let go of a few things that no longer serve you (with love and gratitude of course). Some special people and traditions you may hold onto even closer.

Not all of the holiday hassle can be eliminated from your life, but it can be dramatically quieted when you focus on what is most important to you.

Leave a comment below telling us what part of getting ready for the holidays stresses you out the most. I will respond with my best tips for you.

From my family to yours, I wish you a blessed and hassle-free holiday season!

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