5 Tips Every Student Needs to Stay Organized

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Aug 10
5 Tips for Every Student to Stay Organized

5 Tips Every Student Needs to Stay Organized

School is definitely going to look a bit different for the student in your family this fall.

Whether your child is going back into the classroom, completing school online, homeschooling or a combination of these options, every student needs to stay organized to maximize their success.

It is true that many children and teens struggle with organization. Living in organized ways is a skill that, if learned early, will serve your child well into adulthood.

Here are 5 tips that every student needs to stay organized during the school year.

Here are 5 tips every student needs to stay organized....

Declutter & Organize:

Start with decluttering and organizing their room.

Clean out their closet of unworn, worn out or too small clothes. This is a good time to take inventory of what clothes they will need when you do your back to school shopping.

Go through their toys and games and donate what they have grown out of or no longer want.

Deep clean as you go so they start the new school year with a fresh and clean space.

Create a distraction free study/homework space they can concentrate in. Ensure they have all of the necessary materials, stationary, paper and study tools. Also provide them with a suitable table and lamp. 

Family Calendar & Command Centre:

Set up a shared family calendar and command centre. 

In order for your family unit to function smoothly, a family command centre is a must.

The calendar itself can be paper or electronic (click here to access a list of resources on our DIY page). The type of calendar you use is not critical but having one calendar the whole family has access to and feels comfortable using is what is important.

For a step by step guide to reduce your family's paper clutter and set up a family command centre, click here to read our blog post Organize Your Family’s Paper Clutter.


Create a schedule for everything.

Block all school days and times, holidays/professional days, special occasions (family birthdays, etc.), recurring appointments, commitments, homework time, chores, extra curricular activities, free/family time and so on. 

Developing a solid framework will keep your student on track and super organized.

A word of caution….I suggest keeping the schedule balanced by leaving a good amount of space for free and fun time. Overscheduling kids can cause stress which can lead to mental health issues, poor sleep habits, rebellious behaviour and choosing unhealthy ways to cope.


Teach your student how to use a planner. Again the planner can be paper or digital - use whatever planning tool fits their life and needs. Again you can access a list of suggested resources on our DIY page.

Once a week, sit down with your whole family to review your family’s calendar for the next week, record when your students assignments are due, test dates, upcoming medical/dental appointments and 2-3 smaller goals or tasks they would like to accomplish in the week. 

Make it a daily routine to have your student check their planner at the end of every school day. What did they accomplish? What do they need to do to prepare for tomorrow? Are they on track with homework, studying or their other tasks?

Having your student take control of their time by blocking their calendar and tweaking it regularly is a real game changer. They will know exactly what to do when and their productivity will go through the roof.

Label & Color Code:

Clearly identify books, notebooks and other school materials with labels or fun stickers. Color code each subject so it is easy to tell which is which. 

This will really help your student keep better track of their stuff.

Bonus Tip!

Set your child up for a lifetime of success by ensuring they have a solid morning and evening routine.

At night, make a lunch, set clothes out, review planner, pack backpack, set wake up alarm, limit electronics before bed and get a good night's sleep. 

In the morning, get up early to prevent stressful rushing or being late, make bed and eat a good breakfast.

Eighty percent of school success is showing up AND staying organized.

If you need more help getting your student organized, please complete the contact form below and I will get back to you within 48 hours. 

Let me know if you have any challenges and how I can help you support your child's scholastic success.

I am always here for you and your family.

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